Client Testimonials

We know that our success is tied to your success and we like to think of ourselves as being a member of your team…a part of your family.

The passion we bring to each client relationship is centered on the core belief that the more you know about your customers, the more you’ll be able to connect with them in more meaningful and relevant ways.

When it’s all said and done, our clients know that our relationship is truly a partnership that sets Premier Group Services apart from other firms. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what our clients say about us below.

What Our Clients Are Saying About us

I am more than honored to refer Premier Group Services to anyone in need of help with accounting and/or bookkeeping. They are one of the most professional and skilled organizations I have ever worked with in any industry. They are friendly and communicate extremely well. Before I worked with them, I worried about whether I was doing things correctly and I did everything by myself, including digging through receipts to add up my accounts. Premier Group Services has made everything seamless and my worries are gone. Every single person I have referred to them has nothing but praise for them and their services. If you are serious about your accounting and bookkeeping, then you have no other choice than to go to Premier Group Services

Barrett L. Matthews

Metro Public Adjustment

Premier Group Services combines experience and expertise with creative and proactive tax planning. Our foremost objectives are to understand the tax challenges you face, serve as your partner in strategic tax planning, and minimize your tax liabilities. Premier Group effortlessly takes away my tax concerns each year with strategic tax advice and a responsive tax preparation staff. Premier Group is committed to my organizations success and is a part of our team. Premier Group gets our firm’s vision and is dedicated to supporting our business objectives. As a business owner, I rest easy knowing that Premier Group addressing the complicated tax questions that arise each year. Premier Group Services has allowed me to focus less time on financials and tax concerns, while also allowing me to dedicate more time to developing the firm’s clientele base and to enhancing our service offerings.

Jerry Alfonso Miles ESQ.

Deale Services, LLC.

Before I met Joye Smith and her team at Premier Group Services I was doing all of the bookkeeping and accounting myself. VVmat I quickly learned is that it was costing me a great deal of time and money not having someone in the organization who could focus on all of the billing/receivables, tax reporting, and payroll tasks that must be performed in order to keep the business going. One of the best decisions I’ve made is to outsource all of my accounting and payroll functions to PGSI. Since doing so, the size of my company has more than doubled, the age of my receivables has been slashed in half and the dreaded tax preparation process has been significantly streamlined. IMI the members of the PGSI team are extremely knowledgeable and always responsive to my needs and I can’t thank them enough for all they do for my company.

Frank Valdivieso

Gryphon Consulting LLC

It’s a positive refreshing experience to have your books reviewed by Premier Group and have an updated review of what’s working properly/not working properly. In the end, the experience generates areas for improvement. I have worked with accounting firms for years. After a while, a client feels like a number not a client and these services are very costly. Working with Premier Group, has put a client /partnership experience back in place. We take our financials/work processes/business activity very seriously and it’s nice to have a firm that you can discuss many aspects of your business With and gain meaningful advice and/or action from the dialogue. 3 most significant improvements thanks to Premier Group Services: 1. Books are up to date. 2. Overall strategy to maximize tax position today and in the future. 3. Partnership vs. a client receivable.

Richard A.


F2 Solutions (F2) has thoroughly enjoyed the services provided by Premier Group Services. We experience the peace of mind that comes with quality customer service and professional handling of our accounting needs Premier Group Services (PGS) has become a part of our corporate practices and your skilled staff provides expert handling our needs. Over the course of our working relationship we have seen an overall improvement to our accounting capabilities and the accuracy we can now provide to our clients and staff. Currently, we have successfully processed loo’s of client payments with ease due to your assistance. Thank you for the value you have brought to F2

Lynn Leeks

F2 Solutions